Pumpe, 28/410, weiß, FBOG 220mm, 1.2cc, K2

Pump, 28/410, white, FBOG 220 mm, dosage 1.2 ml, K2

Produktcode: 106177

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Produktcode 106177
Halsweite 28/410
Gewicht 12.6 g
Rohrlänge 220 mm
Farbe weiß
Kragen Gerippt
Kappen-Typ lotionspumpe
Lid Nein
Detaillierte Beschreibung
This lotion pump has 28/410 mm neck size and n/a neck type. Before connecting it with a bottle please take care to choose a bottle with 28/410 mm neck size and n/a neck type. For the 100% secure and leak-proof closure please always test the compatibility of the pump and the bottle. The length of the dip tube is 220 mm, but we can provide it with shorter dip tube at extra cost. Because of its white color perfectly matches with white, transparent color bottles. According to field of use this product is ideal for cosmetic, personal care, baby care products. Perfect choice for creams, balsams, body lotions, shampoos and other skin care products. This pump has ribbed collar which makes the closing easy and comfortable.